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When you construction project due to noise reason was delayed it’s time to consider buy some construction site temporary noise barrier from us Minimum just 10㎡ we custom noise panels for you and deliever it to anywhere just a couple of days


Where Need a Portable Noise Barrier

Sound Barriers Blanket For Temporary Fencing panels we are familar spec and deisng of construction fencing panels so we can cut and custom temporary noise barrier according to temporary fence Size ,the temporary noise barriers help you to win building time no complaint from local communities and neighbourhood,they are available 20dB 30dB 47dB noise insultation and absorbed easy to install with temporary panels Our Protable noise Barriers consist of several layer which allow noise come through and isolated water or fire

1 LayerOptimal Materials of PVC acoustic membrane Highest StrengthIndispensable
2 LayerSound insulation Felt made EPDM(Ethylene PROPYLENE DIENE Monomer)Indispensable
3 LayerAbsorb Acoustic wool made in Non-woven ClothIndispensable
4 LayerWaterproof LiningIndispensable

In case the construction site proceeding around the residentail the complaint from people will lead to the project delay no doubt it means profit get down or a bad loss deal so you have to consider a outdoor sound barriers to fix around residential compliant problem so you need to consider buy a noise barriers while steel noise barriers hard to install and removable so a light duty portable outdoor sound barrier is what we bring to you MOQ just 50M2 can we can cut them to ideal size to help you suit fit local project required

* Print your logo and Phone number to display your brand
* Waterproof allow noise go and refuse water
* Nonflammable Fireproof
* Noise Absrobed and Insulation
* Light Duty Design easy to install Fencing Panels
* 20db 30dB 40dB noise reduction optional
* Static-free materials layer Optional
* Lower cost than perfored steel noise barriers
* Design for a minimum 3 Outdoor years service life
* Various colours Optional
*100% non-poisonous friendly to enviromental
*Custom any size and any dimension Smallest MOQ just 10M2 Shipping Anywhere Door to Door

Thickness of Noise BarriersWeight of Per M2 Temporary Noise Fence
18.00mm4.00kg/M2    20dB  Noise Barrier
20.00mm5.80kg/M2    30dB  Noise Barrier
22.00mm7.60kg/M2    40dB  Noise Barrier

We are not only a noise curtains manufactuers but also have a 10 years +experience exporting construction fencing to USA Canadan Australia and New Zealand


We make both of perforated steel noise barriers and PVC remembrance noise barriers. Our Metal Noise Barriers Made by Steel And Aluminum once it was installed it will not be replaced during a long period and last decade so we also called permanently noise barrier. Our Temporary Noise Barrier takes quality PVC remembrance with first an optimal weight and density they are easy to move and installed for temporary usage included several layers they do not only reflect noise also absorb noise at a required level

Experience Noise Fence Supplier

Since its foundation in 2009, Top Noise Fencing. has been in the field of noise reduction and insulation. We have won a lot of customers’ acceptance and trust in providing premium soundproofing and insulation materials and considerable after-sales service. Our Acoustical engineers can recommend a couple of cases for you or your customer. If you have any problem with controlling noise, just call or email us.

What can we help you noise reduction?

With the increasing numbers of vehicles and economy development, noise pollution problem has been so popular. Generally speaking, the damage from noise depends on the level of noise and the length of time you listen to the noise. Noise levels can be measured in decibels or dB. The higher the decibel level, the worse to hearing loss. It is known that sounds that are higher than 85dB can cause permanent hearing loss.

Optional Of Noise Barrier

Perforte Steel Noise Barriers

Steel Noise Barriers

Noise barrier, also called sound barrier, is a type of fence barrier used in the highway, railway, residences and other places for sound insulation and reduction. Perforated metal noise barrier with light weight

ght, firm structure durable and other features are popular in both industrial and commercial applications. Here are the detailed information of noise barrier, refer to them and choose the perfect one you like.

Structure of noise barrier
The Noise barrier is a three-layer structure.

  • The first layer is the perforated metal sheet. The common material of the perforated metal sheet is aluminum. Mild steel, galvanized steel or powder-coated steel sheet are also available. The hole type of perforated metal sheet can be micro holes or louver holes.
  • The second layer is the sound-absorbing material infill. The sound -absorbing material has excellent sound or noise absorbing performance, it can reduce the noise and keep quite. The main infill material is glass wool. Other absorbing materials are available.
  • The third layer is a metal sheet. The material of the metal sheet is the same as the perforated metal sheet. But there is no hole on the metal sheet.

Temporary Noise Barriers

PVC noise Barriers for temporary fence

The temporary noise barriers, temporary fencing can be easily attached to fencing around the work area to provide a noise control system. This has also resulted in rail projects to work longer hours due to the noise reduction that can be achieved, making for an earlier prospective completion date.

Temporary fencing for railway noise reduction has been involved in railway projects worldwide, including the light rail project in Melbourne, Australia, as well as on multiple occasions on projects relating to the London subway rail network the United Kingdom.

Our temporary fencing barriers have significantly reduced the annoying noise in cases similar to listed above, for the thousands of commuters that pass through cities on a daily basis. The 4 layer noise barrier is able to literally soak up the noise around them, rather than reflect it, leading to a reduction of up to 27dB in the field.

In addition, temporary outdoor sound barriers can be branded to display the logo of the contracting company or a relevant message about the project that provides an informative and organized look around the works being carrying out.

We can help you solve your problems of noise emission, and understand the complexity of maintenance projects on railroad tracks, underground systems, and metro systems. To make use of temporary acoustic fencing Barriers extensive expertise in this field, e-mail us for further information.

Top Noise Fencing is a leading noise barrier we make both steel noise barriers and PVC light duty design barrier for highway, construction site, temporary construction fence we focus on various noise barriers design and manufacturing at an affordable price and first-class quality to the worldwide market

Max Noise Reduction (Lab Tested)40.8 dB
Max Noise Absorption (Lab Tested)96%
Height2050 mm (6 ft 9 in)
Width1335 mm (4 ft 5 in)
Rolled Dimensions400 mm diameter (1 ft 4 in), 1335 mm (4 ft 5 in) wide
Weight7.1 kg (15.6 lb)
Water resistant test standardBSEN 60529:1992 IPX9
Fire-resistant test standardBS 7837-1996
Dust resistant test standardBSEN 60529-1992
Cold-resistant test standard (result)BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
Tensile test standard (result)ISO 17025 (5.52 kN vertical, 1.34 kN horizontal)
UV resistant3 years (USA + Canada), 5 years (rest of the world)
Safety featuresNight-time reflective strips, hazard icons
Quick install1 man assembly (installation kits), Rollable
Installation kitsYes
Anti-theftSecurity cable, Data tag
CleaningPower wash
Identification code part numberUnique RFID number per unit
Manufacturer^ warranty1 year
Colour OptionsOn request