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30dB noise acoustical blanket

Solutions using new technology as a temporary noise fence control much more realistic for a project. We understand contractors have limited time; this product was designed to be installed on temporary fencing and/or any other mounting points available. They don’t need to be cut or shaped, just hung up or cable tied: Instant temporary acoustic barriers for the highway. Highway temporary noise barriers show how new technology can reduce20dB-50dB for potentially both the community and your workers on site. Personal protection equipment (i.e. earplugs) is still required for the operator of any machinery, but the fence barrier provides an ACOUSTIC barrier temporarily break for all other staff working on-site and the community nearby. These include being able to yell out safety warnings to reducing prolonged exposure to higher levels, barrier fence will help save the hearing of staff and the community alike.

StructureBase Material, Surface & Back Surface
Basic MaterialEco-friendly Polyester Wool
Front FinishPVC or Waterproof Canvas
Back FinishFiberglass fabric
Standard Size2400*1000mm
Standard Thickness14/18mm
Standard Pattern3 layer, 4 layer
Acoustic PrincipleBoth Sound Absorption & Sound insulation
Eco-FriendlyPolyester wool
Fire ResistanceFiberglass fabric