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Construction Noise Barriers

With years of experience, we truly understand the requirements for all contractors when it comes to establishing their workplace and delivering their works. We know how important it is in complaint culture today to minimize noise and disruption for neighboring businesses and residents, and also understand better than most how imperative it is to complete the work before the deadline, and that construction overruns mean a high financial cost.

Construction Noise Barriers 47dB Utmost

Their flexibility also means that they can be configured to suit all types of fencing and scaffolding.

If you have a noise wall construction project to implement, please e-mail us for more.

Benefits from a construction Noise barrier

Working time can be extended
Rapid deployments on construction sites
Noise reduction is significant
Contractors can print trademark on construction barriers

Construction works are well known for their high noise levels. Complaints about noise in the construction site are getting more and more in recent years. Our construction barrier acoustic fencing solutions for construction sites are easily assembled to a metal fence or scaffolding structures to reduce both transmitted and reflected sound, which greatly reduces the noise from construction sites – usually by 90%.

Our construction noise barriers have played a important role in management and control of environmental noise worldwide. The 4 layer construction barrier is designed for quick and easy installation, and is aimed at sites where it is important to reduce noise levels and maintain good social relations, such as in residential and public locations.

The construction barriers are lightweight and therefore easy to transport and install. In addition, they are waterproof and can be designed to include the logo of the contracting organization, helping to make sites more attractive and offer a high profile marketing opportunity for your brand.

More and more contractors are taking serious on noise pollusion problems. Construction barrier fencing can be seen in use in some major building projects in the world’s busiest of cities, which offers best practise to reduce noise near hospitals, schools, offices, public places, residential homes and other noise sensitive locations.