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Demolition Project Noise Barrier

We designed demolition noise barriers and cross dampers that meet the unique challenges of demolition work. With industry-leading noise attenuation and exceptional sound absorption, our products help protect neighbors and workers alike—even in the most sound reflective zones

Frequent exposure to loud noise can permanently damage a person’s hearing. Excessive noise from equipment is a particular problem for demolition workers—especially as surrounding materials like brick, concrete and tile structures exacerbate the situation. Our acoustic engineers will work with you to find an effective way to protect your workers and neighboring communities from the harmful effects of noise pollution and dust.

We can advise you on the products you need to prevent sound bouncing off ceilings and walls when working inside buildings and next to high-rise structures. And we can help you find a mobile solution that ensures your temporary acoustic barriers can be moved close to the source of noise, no matter where it is on the site.