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Highway Temporary Noise Barriers

Optional of Shapes

Temporary High Way Noise Barriers 40dB Noise Insulation is designed to solve noise control applications where both sound absorption and sound blocking must be increased. Industrial applications include enclosures, machinery cover linings, and additions to existing walls or barriers. Architectural applications include crosstalk barriers, room dividers, ceiling barriers, and pipe and duct wrap.

Acoustic Fence for Construction Site

Highway and Semi Construction generate lots of noise and dirt and debris to environmental which affect around person health conditions so a highway or construction temporary or permanently noise barriers is an indispensable requirements which offer both of sound insulation and noise absorption was widely application such as construction event and concert, construction and so on can minimize noised complaint and noised pollution from a series of construction and events it is an ideal solution to fix the concert and reduce compliantly. TOP ACOUSTIC FENCING is a leading temporary construction noise fencing company we offer temporary noise fencing for construction and highway was allowed secured with temporary fencing faster and easier installation by construction workers not need to extra skill compare with others single color temporary sound fencing available various of color such orange ,green ,blue,Grey ,back enable you construction site visibility we offer an excellent property of sound deadening . Temporary Sound fencing comes with A variety of customized size can meet your project also can cut in any size it can reduce noising for industries and commercial building and residential etc

Product NameAcoustic Barrier Fencing
Finish MaterialPVC & Fabric
Inner MaterialSound absorpiton+insulation material
Size3550*200mm or customized
Designrhombus, vertical line, square
Insulation coefficient17-27DB