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Mining Security Temporary Noise Barrier

Protecting workers from the noise of mining We’re helping the mining industry to protect the health of its workforce by solving the problem of noise control. Our temporary and portable noise reduction barriers provide a simple, fast and effective way to reduce noise from machinery, compressors, pumps and generators—by as much as 97%.

Mining portable Noise Barrier

Workers in the mining industry are at risk of overexposure to noise. Left unchecked, excessive noise can lead to hearing impairments, cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure.

Our acoustic engineers will work with you to help protect your workforce. Our award-winning acoustic barriers and enclosures provide temporary solutions to noise from on-site machinery such as drills, compressors and generators.

Maintaining optimum noise attenuation is a common challenge in mining, as the nature of the work is such that noise sources are constantly moving. The mobility of our temporary sound barriers solves this difficulty. The ease and speed of installation and removal means fast, effective solutions to temporary noise problems can be quickly deployed.