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Oil gas Acoustic Barrier

Our acoustic engineers will help you work out the most effective way to mitigate noise, in order to protect the health of workers and neighboring communities. With the right noise barriers in the right place, noise from shale gas exploration and fracking can be cut by up to 40dB. Protecting local communities from excessive noise means one less obstacle to securing planning permission.

The need to continually drill new wells throughout a fracking operation can be a challenge for noise control. Our acoustic barriers solve this problem. They’re extremely easy to install and move, so it’s easy to keep them close to the source of noise, allowing them to work at maximum efficiency.

And with world-leading sound attenuation and absorption, our temporary barriers will protect the health of workers in more standard drilling operations—particularly during the assembly, maintenance or replacement of oil refinery equipment.

The challenge faced by Oil Gas Acoustic Barrier, H was to provide effective noise control around a hydraulic fracturing set in an extreme weather environment
Our solution:
The development of a double height, portable framework that can build an enclosing wall around a fracturing set. Once in position and anchored with concrete blocks, this framework allows effective noise control while withstanding winds of up to 150kph and providing an effective screen for fracturing operations.
The results.
In real world tests, a single layer of Oil Gas Barriers mounted on the wind resistant frame around a hydraulic fracturing rig, achieved a reduction of over 20dB. This setup is shortly to go into the field for full deployment.