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Railway Metro Portable Noise Barrier

Rail projects are renowned for being time sensitive. Repairs often take place at night when noise control is at a premium and new construction projects are often in busy neighborhoods. We’ve been helping rail contractors overcome noise control challenges for more than three decades. Our lightweight panels are easy to assemble and quick to transport, and keep performing in any weather. We are your noise control partners in rail projects.


Nearly all rail projects are seriously time sensitive with demanding timeframes. Repair and renewal projects take place at night and the weekend, to keep commuters moving and the economy on track. New stations require prompt completion to keep communities onside and service optimized. In circumstances like that you need a noise control partner who can deliver solutions quickly. We work with you from inception to completion, to ensure maximum productivity for you, and minimum disturbance for everyone else.

On a typical rail project we will reduce noise by as much as 20dB, or 90%. Community, workers, and contractors all share the benefits, as working hours are extended. Benefits are multiplied and projects completed quicker as Echo Barrier rail solutions are so quick and easy to move and assemble, easily repositioned as work progresses.