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STC 21 Portable Noise Barrier

Construction Site Sound Blankets are used to block noise on construction sites, drilling sites, compressor stations, and other outdoor noise sources. Our Model CSSB-2 consists of a UV resistant, heavy duty 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester (VCP) facing on both sides of a nominal 2” thick quilted fiberglass. Sound Blankets are constructed with grommets and sewn with Gore Tenara exterior grade thread for maximum longevity. The sound blankets can simply be zip-tied to your existing chain link perimeter fence, wood fence, jersey barrier fencing, or support framing.

FacingUV resistant, weather proof V CP b oth sides
ThicknessNominal 2.00” [1.5” post
Standard Width48”
Weight0.50 lb -psf
Temperature Range-40° to +180°F
Sound Data SummarySTC-29, NRC-0.75


Supply weatherproof, exterior-rated quilted sound blankets for sound barrier and visual barrier at construction site perimeter. Material shall be nominal 2” thick, diamond stitched UV resistant 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester (VCP) faced both sides. Sewn using exterior-rated Gore Tenara thread. Grommets integrated into blankets for securing to job site fencing. Minimum STC-21 rating. Minimum NRC-0.75 rating. Secure blankets with no visual gaps at joints and tight to ground level, complying to manufacturers installation guidelines

Advantage of Portable Noise Barriers


Outdoor use/Sheds water

2” thick, quilted exterior rated facing Grommets for easy attachment to a fence STC-29, estimated 20-30 decibel reduction In-stock option for quick ship