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Temporary acoustical Sound Barrier for Construction Site Portable Fence

Temporary acoustic Sound Barrier Fence is not only an acoustically absorbent but also noise reductive, low transmission loss noise barrier wall system. They are ideal for absorbing and blocking unwanted noise from commercial, industrial, residential or traffic noise applications.


Construction and demolition sites
Works staff welfare sites
Music, sports and other public events
Utility/council maintenance sites
Rail maintenance & replacement works


◎ Why noise absorbing panels work?

Excellent sound absorbing materials will help slow down the acoustic reflection, clean up the echo in the room, and restore the room to a good acoustic balance and have good clarity. To make people who living in this space feels better, to trigger a more comfortable acoustic environment.

◎ Why is Portable acoustic Sound Barrier Fence a better choice?

Acoustic performance – Yiacoustic Sound Barrier Fence is great at both stopping the noise from penetrating the wall and absorbing it, not reflecting it back to create other problems.

*Less Cost

*Life Span

*Better Looking Finished Product

*Graffiti Resistant


●Materials introduction

●Project consultant

●Acoustical design

●Drawing analyse

●3D drawing present

●DIY product